Monday, April 12, 2010

HOA Reform

Currently in Texas, it is not illegal for a homeowners association to foreclose on a home due to unpaid homeowner association fees. Due to this law, foreclosures across the state have skyrocketed. Additionally, people such as the elderly and disabled have lost their homes because of unpaid fees not deliquent bank loans. While some may argue that you do not have to buy a home in a subdivision that has a homeowners association, I contend that this is not problem. When fees are handled effectively by homeowners associations for items such as swimming pools, lighting, fences, and grafiti, homeowners would not have a problem paying for their fees. However, when you find grafiti throughout your neighborhood, have poor lighting, and your subdivision does not have amenities such as swimming pools or playgrounds, it is difficult to understand where your money is going. Further, it is unfair to keep homeowners in these associations that are seemingly useless. The Amberwood Subdivision managed by Spectrum Association Mgmt., LP has yet to provide any amenities, clean up grafiti, and maintains poor lighting. This not only has serious consequences for residents but it also does not build up the property values of the neighborhood.

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